Don’t curtail your career as a social media creator by falling for bad contracts or traps

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Everyone wants to be an influencer but hardly anyone wants to put in the work to carve out their space online. As a seasoned professional in the entertainment industry and micro-influencer, I have seen both sides of the coin of cultivating a career in digital media. Nothing irks me more than when people think that being a content creator is easy. The truth is that being a digital creator is an unpredictable, nerve-wracking, and emotionally taxing endeavor. Honestly, being a social media influencer is like most jobs, there are days you hate it, and days you love it.

TikTok is…

How I used the psychology tool of a “worry time” to regain my productivity in a time of constant anxiety

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Have you ever started writing with a furry only to stop yourself midsession because you hit a wall of self-doubt? If you answered yes, know that you are not alone. As a former writing coach and now full-time publicist I can say with confidence that every writer worries their way out of writing at some point. I’ll be honest, this last month I did not meet a goal of writing enough because my anxiety overwhelmed me when I started typing. The weight of this uncertain world was too much for me to try and write.

Thanks to some self-reflection and…

Rather than niche writing, this is why I’m a generalist

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During my undergraduate Writing & Rhetoric journey, I was introduced to a unique piece of advice to achieve writing success. “Focus on writing, not on the content,” preached my first-year writing professor. It was jarring to hear this perspective on the art of writing. ‘How can I write without worrying about what I was writing about?’ I asked myself. Now that I work full-time as a publicist, and dabble in other marketing endeavors, I completely understand this sermon of being a writing expert and not a content expert.

For most writers, our proficiency with writing can move us into almost…

Fashion trends change faster than the ideologies surrounding consumers

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In 2021, the discourses of fashion are less dictated by editorial rooms and Anna Wintour than by 16-year olds in their bedrooms on TikTok. It’s become a joke that Gen Z is dismantling societal norms and institutions. Through the power of social media and this younger generation’s tendency to speak out, I do believe that this joke is rooted in a sliver of fear. While I may be 23, borderline millennial, and Gen Z, there are some trends born of out TikTok that I cannot help but become obsessed with.

One of the most prevalent fashion trends born from life…

The groundbreaking interview brings to light the difference between rude and racist

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The world listened as Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of American TV, sat down with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for an interview with the same gravity as the Super Bowl. In my opinion, this was my Super Bowl and as reported by the Wall St. Journal while it tailed behind the 90 million telecasts, it was still one of the biggest media moments of 2021. As gripping as the revelations of Meghan’s truth was in real-time no one was more shocked than white Americans to hear racism being such a dominant theme for the couple's royal exit.

I, like every…

Why you should always know your audience and know that media folks will always be the most critical

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What could have been a catch-up between college classmates soon became a formal critique of a misleading pitch, poor writing skills, and the need to write this post. Here’s the thing, I consider myself a friendly person to strangers and people I haven’t spoken to in a long time.

I am equally as frank when someone mistakes my kindness for ignorance. And I don’t mean weakness, I mean I become bitter when someone believes my cantor is a sign of being oblivious. …

This post was inspired by my own strategy and the tools I’m using as I elevate my social media presence.

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Any social media professional or influencer will tell you that in 2021 authenticity is in and artifice is out. With the rise of TikTok, Gen Z’s proliferation on social media, and our current global situation, audiences want posts with some grit. As I’ve started to employ my new social media strategy, I’ve noticed in my analytics that less than perfect is the perfect type of posts to relate to people.

This post is inspired by my own trial and error of looking for the right social media planners, schedulers, and editing apps. …

Whether you don’t have a resume at all or an outdated one, this is your guide on how to write this essential document to break into the entertainment industry.

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Since breaking into the marketing and career advice side of TikTok, now at almost 15 followers, one of my most in-demand TikTok videos has been how to land internships and entry-level jobs in entertainment. Between my posts about open applications and my own journey, the one topic that I had to write about was crafting a Hollywood ready resume.

From my first internship at a nonprofit to now at CBS News, my resume has evolved in tandem with my career. And I don’t mean that I simply update my resume when I get a new job. As I influence more…

Since 1 viral post, I’ve acquired 13 thousand followers, joined the TikTok creator program, and seen a steady follower increase.

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As a former Hollywood publicist, I have witnessed and experienced the truth that everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame — except in today’s world it’s 15 seconds and on TikTok. In case you’re unfamiliar, TikTok is a social media platform that’s become notorious for giving everyone an equal chance of going viral. After going viral on TikTok, I wanted to write this post as a guide for how I built a social media strategy to go viral on TikTok.

As a professional in the media space, I’ve spoken with experts who all agree that TikTok is built…

The Capital insurrection and rising threats against journalists are the pinnacles of Trump’s war on media

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Reporters and journalists in the last year have served as evangelicals of truth in a country where misinformation has disrupted Presidential elections, social justice movements, and the health pandemic. My relationship with the media has always been intimate. From my career in public relations to now talent management at a news network, I have always worked with journalists and respected their work. Since January 6th, reporters are stepping into a field with more risk than ever before, with no sign of becoming any safer.

The Capital protest marked a sort of culmination on Trump’s war on media as far-right groups…

William Samayoa

Work in Film & TV doing PR/social media. I’ve called CA, NY, and the UK all home. Welcome to my behind-the-scenes thoughts.

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